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Our goal for 2019 is "Teaching Them to Reach Them." It has been exciting to watch God raise up nationals to lead at House of Prayer Baptist Church. Although still under our supervision and leadership, their faithfulness to continue serving at the church provides opportunity for ministry to continue in other villages. Michael will be spending the year traveling back and forth to Uganda training and teaching nationals, preaching the Gospel, and getting Bibles into areas and to people that don't have them. On his first trip this year, God opened a door to a village near the Kenya border named Busia. We are looking forward to seeing what God is going to do here! While not in Uganda, we are available to share the ministry and updates with churches. Please contact us if you would like us to come by via email.

2018 Furlough Schedule

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22  Welcome Baptist Church, Lagrange, GA

25-29 Northspoon Baptist Church, Popularville, MS (Campmeeting)


6 Twin Oaks Baptist Tabernacle, Thomaston, GA/ Welcome Baptist Church, Lagrange, GA

9 House of Prayer Baptist Church, Calhoun, GA

13 New Bethel Baptist, Oxford, AL

20 Midway Baptist Church, Darlington, SC

27 Worship Point Baptist Church, Lenoir, NC/ Hughes Grove Baptist Church, Thomasville, NC


3 El Bethel Baptist Church, Gaffney, SC/ Victory Baptist Chuch, Dewey Rose, GA

6 Bible Baptist Church, Live Oak, FL

10 First Baptist Church of Lawtey, Lawtey, FL/Central Baptist Church, Jacksonville, FL

17 Maranatha Baptist Church, Monroe, LA

20 Calvary Baptist Church. Lucedale, MS

24 Berean Baptist Church, Terry, MS


1 Piney Mt. Baptist Church, Sylva, NC

4 Bethel Baptist Church, North Wilksboro, NC

8 Youngs Grove Baptist Church, Cedartown, GA/ New Freedom Baptist Church, Rockmart, GA

11 Christ's Gospel Baptist Church, Notasulga, AL

15 Temple Baptist Church, Franklin, GA

15 -21 Ararat Bible Camp, Adairsville, GA 

22 Zion Hill Baptist Church, Daviston, AL/ Lighthouse Baptist Church, Temple, GA

26-28 Redfield Campmeeting, Ringgold, GA

28-29 Welcome Baptist Church, Lagrange, GA (Missions Conference)

One Year in Uganda

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It's hard to believe our first year on the mission field has passed. We have seen the LORD do above and beyond what we couldv'e ever dreamed possible. On February 2 2018, we held our first service in the newly built House of Prayer Baptist Church in the village of Buwenda. God has saved many souls and grew others closer to HIM. Please watch our "One Year in Uganda" video on the Video page for a overview in pictures of the work God has done in Buwenda.

June 2017

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As it has been awhile since the last update, we have now been in Uganda for over 3 months. The Lord has allowed our transition time to go very smoothly, and for that we are thankful. Our family has begun to settle in, and It is our prayer that Uganda will become like "home." Working with Faithful Servants Ministries has proven to keep us quite busy. Aside from Sunday mornings, we also spend Wednesdays and Fridays in Bible studies at the church in the village of Niminya. Fridays are also a time when the men go out into the village evangelizing.The ministry also goes into 3 prisons around the Jinja area, and into the Childrens' Hospital in Jinja town. We thank God for the many souls that have trusted Christ as their Savior through these ministries! Many people of Uganda have proven to be wrapped in the delusion of false religion. Our hearts have been broken as we continue to meet people trusting that they are a Catholic, a Muslim, or baptism for salvation instead of Christ alone. Please help us pray that their eyes would be opened to the true Light! Our home in the village of Buwenda has opened a door for ministry that we could have never dreamed of. God alone deserves all of the glory for the things we have seen Him do since we have moved here! On Saturdays, we are holding a children's Bible study in our yard. We always have new faces to share the Gospel with. It sure is a blessing to hear the children walk through the village singing the B-I-B-L-E! More especially, since Buwenda is considered a Muslim village. On Sundays, what began as a small study for our family, has became a weekly Bible study that we have seen MANY souls come to know Christ through! We are praying that God will provide land if it is His will to start a church here. Living in the village there is never a dull moment or a lack of people to help. Please pray that we will have the discernment and wisdom that we need. Thank you for your prayers and support. Together, we WILL make a difference!

October-November 2016

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The Lord answered many prayers on Michael's trip to Uganda in October. Rain and a broken down vehicle hindered some of the planned preaching,however he was able to secure a house and a 3 year work permit. Although missionaries are not in Uganda to earn money, you still must have a government permit to preach the gospel. The application and process is long to accquire this permit, and it is no little thing that the Lord guided and helped this process go smoothly. The house he has given us is already furnished, which will make the moving process a little more simpler at this time. It is in the village of Buwenda, outside of the town of Jinja. We look forward to seeing what doors the Lord will open there. Please continue to pray for our family as we spend these last few months finishing depuatation, spending time with family, and making our final preparations for our departure in February.

August-September 2016

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We spent most of August in Florida presenting the ministry, and most of September in Mississippi in mission meetings. The Lord continues to meet our every need and answer many prayers. Many churches and individuals have chosen to partner with us to reach Uganda over the last couple months, and for that we are honored. Around 84% of our support has now been promised. 

The Lord allowed us to see souls saved in Florida, Georgia, and Mississippi. God is still saving old sinners! Glory to HIS name!

Michael will be heading to Uganda on September 28 for a couple of weeks. We are praying God will prepare hearts and that the Word of God will have free course and be glorified. Prayerfully, he will be able to finish up the process of getting a work permit, and find housing for our family.

Our planned departure date to leave for the field as a family is February 21, 2017. Please pray for us as we try to get everything together to leave and finish raising our needed moving expenses.

Summer 2016

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Between regualar Sunday meetings presenting the ministry, 3 youth camps, a VBS, an extended revival meeting, and campmeetings, this summer has offered many opportunites to both serve and grow. While working at Ararat Bible Camp, hosted by Antioch Baptist Church in Lagrange, GA, the Lord expanded our vision for the prison ministry in Uganda. God has sent in more support every month and met our every need. He proves Himself time and time again. With almost 70% of our monthly support promised, the Lord has confirmed it in our hearts to leave for the field in February of 2017. 

May 4, 2016

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This spring has been a very busy time for our family. After returning from Uganda, we had one overnight stay at our home before hitting the road again. We are very thankful for the many churches we had the opportunity to present our burden in during the last few weeks. What a blessing it was to meet new pastors and friends in the states of FL, TN, GA, NC, and VA! You begin to realize how big this world really is, and how many great partners and friends in the ministry are out there, if you only give God an opportunity to work.

After a busy last couple of monhts, we have around 50% of the support we think we will need to live in Uganda, The Lord has also allowed us to put back money into our savings for our moving expenses, and we have around 50% of that saved as well.

Please continue to keep our family in your prayers as we contunue to seek the support we need to do the work he has called us to do. Our prayer is to make in a difference in the life of others each and every day, as we endeavor to follow Him.

Uganda Through My Eyes

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Last years trip no doubt changed my life in many ways. While in Uganda, my eyes were opened and I knew I could no longer live my life for myself. I knew God's desires must become mine and that Uganda had changed my life forever.

We started deputation and have been raising financial and prayer support to go back to that country that had forever changed me. And praise God, he gave us the money and the means to return to this land..if only for 2 weeks.

I don't think I can find the words to explain how I felt when I first stepped off that plane in Uganda in February. The overwhelming love that gripped my heart as I first saw the Ugandan people that had stolen my heart last year is indescribable. The love only grew as I stayed there the next couple of weeks. As I saw the area our family would be working I met new friends, saw souls saved...I fell in love all over again. I knew the love in my heart for this place, this people, could only have been put there by God.

I saw some of the worst sights that I had ever seen on this trip; children drinking out of mudholes, sleeping on the streets, digging through the dumpsters. The physical need is so great. Yet, my heart broke as I saw Muslim mosques on almost every corner. Men and women walking, riding throughout town dressed in thier Muslim garb. A common answer to the question, "Are you born again?" was "No, I am Catholic." or " No, I am Muslim." The people I love, dying and going to Hell "religious." The spiritual need is greater still.

But then again, I saw some of the most beautiful sights I had ever seen. Such as watching the sunset over Lake Victoria, or the rolling hills planted in sugarcane. Oh, what a contrast! So much beauty in the midst of such poverty. But even more beautiful still, was the eyes of a sinner eyes being opened as they accepted Christ as thier Saviour! Time and time again, the Lord moved on hearts of men, women, boys, and girls. When it was all over, we saw over 50 souls ask Christ to save them. 

My mind thinks back to a lady named Sarah. I met her outside a prison. When we pulled up, she was sitting there alone with her baby, her husband Jude in prison. With the help of an interpreter, I was able to witness to Sarah, and although we had a language barrier, I felt as if our sprits were knit together as one. She asked Christ to save her, and asked me to pray for her and her husband. My heart begin to break as I sat there beside her in silence. How I wished I could send her to a good church down the road! How I wished I could stay, disciple her, take her under my wing! How I wished I had a Bible to give her!

God loved Sarah so much, that he had send a white lady from the other side of the world to witness to her, while she sat there alone and heartbroken. There are many more like Sarah. Many more that wake up to nothing but poverty and vain religon every day. Many more that long for peace. The peace that only will come from knowing Jesus Christ as thier Saviour.

Please, please help us pray! Please help us to reach these people that we love so much! We are willing to go. Are you willing to help us?

 Becuase of Christ and Chirst Alone,

Scarlett Overton

March 2016, Unto Him Be Glory

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Thank you for all of your prayers. Our survey trip to Jinja gave us complete peace about the area the Lord would have us to work in. While there, The Lord gave us many opportunites for service. We were able to go into 2 prisons, and see around 30 men bow thier knees and ask the Lord to save them. We also saw souls saved at Faithful Servants Baptist Church, during village visitation, and in town.Unto Him Be Glory! 

Eph. 3:20-21

The Lord has increased our burden for the people of Uganda more than ever, and we are anxious to raise our needed support to live in Uganda full time by the end of this year. The spiritual and physical need is great. The labourers are few. 

Please check out the Uganda Videos page for the video of the survey trip.