Servants of Jesus Christ to UGANDA


The Lord led us to take a missions trip to Uganda, East Africa, in March of 2015.While there, we saw how hungry the people were for the Gospel and the many false religions there that are not telling them the truth. The Lord started dealing with our hearts and lives from the moment we set foot in Uganda.  We returned home changed. With much prayer, the Lord confirmed it in our hearts he was indeed calling us to return to the mission field with the verse Luke 4:43, " And he said unto them, I must preach the Kingdom of God to other cities also, for therefore, am I sent. " We have totally surrendered everything to the Lord to serve him and do his will. We started deputation in May 2015 and moved to Uganda in February of 2017. 

Faithful Servants Ministries

The Lord opened the door for us to work with an existing ministry in Jinja, Uganda by the name of Faithful Servants Ministries. This ministry was founded by Tommy and Teresa Harris 15 years ago. 

Faithful Servants Ministries has a church planted in a village outside of Jinja. The ministry also has Faithful Servants Christian Schools, a Bible Seminary, a hospital ministry, and jail ministries. 
All of the ministries are operated by nationals from Uganda.

In February 2017, we moved to the village of Buwenda, outside of Jinja. The Lord began to open doors and we began having Bible studies. Children's studies were held on Saturday, and adults on Sunday night. God blessed and we saw Him save souls every month. In August, land for a church was purchased. Construction began in November, and our first services at House of Prayer Baptist Church began in February 2018. It has been absolutely amazing to watch God work and we give HIM all the glory for all He has done! Please visit our Facebook page, " Over in Uganda," to see pictures of the building and the work in Buwenda.

As of 2019, God has raised up nationals to preach and teach at House of Prayer Baptist Church under our supervision and leadership. This provides opportunity to continue the ministry by reaching out to other villages and areas, with prayers that God will plant another church in His time.