Servants of Jesus Christ to UGANDA

Uganda Videos

 We pray these videos will give you a better understanding of our burden.  People often have many assumptions about the things you would see in Africa. We don't see many wild animals, disease, or danger. What we do see though, is the many, many souls of men. Men, women, children, and families just like ours. Millions of men and women lost in false religion without the true Gospel of Jesus Christ, and children in need of a Savior and someone to show them love.

"..behold, I say unto you, Lift up your eyes, and look on the fields; for they are white already to harvest.." John 4:35

One Year in Uganda
February 21, 2018

The following 4 minute video is a summary of what we have seen the LORD do since our arrival as full time missionaries in Uganda in 2017.

"That they may know that this is thy hand;that thou LORD, hast done it." Psalm 109:27

Uganda Trip 2016

This 10 minute video is from our survey trip to Uganda in early 2016. 

During this trip, we were able to visit the area and ministry in Jinja that the Lord has opened the door for us to work in.  

Uganda Trip 2015

The 3 minute video below is from our first trip to Uganda. The Lord used this visit to call us to the mission field full time.